Rotating Student


A student, Jess, sitting on a rotating platform is viewed from above. She is holding a 2 kg mass in each hand.
In the Logger Pro file, the center of one of the masses was marked in each frame. Velocity and acceleration vectors are calculated and displayed on the video. While Jess is rotating uniformly, the acceleration points toward the center of the circle. When she moves the masses in or out, the acceleration changes direction and magnitude. In particular, students should notice that the tangential component of the acceleration vector shows how the magnitude of the velocity vector is changing.


Here is a ZIP archive of a folder containing the movie and its Logger Pro file. Before opening the Logger Pro file, you need to "extract" or "unzip" the ZIP file. Otherwise Logger Pro will not be able to find the movie.
Right-click on the link and choose "Save Link As" to download the ZIP file.

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  • Primary Author: Bob Teese


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