Software Available for Video Analysis

Video Analysis Software Titles

  • Logger Pro version 3.4 or later. Cost: About $200 for a site license that even allows your students to install the program on their own computers.

  • Tracker is an open-source application with many features, including dynamical modeling. Cost: Free. You can either download and install the application, or start it over the web.

  • Coach software is very popular in Europe. It includes data analysis, video capture, perspective correction, and dynamical modeling. (Windows only)

  • Innovation Systems has several Windows-only motion analysis systems. MaxTRAQ Lite+ for $99 is the least expensive.MaxTRAQ 2D for $695 includes auto-tracking (helpful if you have movies with many frames). More expensive packages starting at $1,390 support multiple cameras and 3D analysis.

  • VideoPoint. The largest feature set of any video analysis program designed by and for physics teachers. VideoPoint was avaliable from Pasco and Vernier but is no longer in their catalogs. They might special-order it for you, or you may have to contact the publisher.

  • VideoGraph was created by Bob Beichner at NCSU. It runs on Macintosh computers.

  • Physics Toolkit (formerly World-in-Motion) is Windows-only analysis and capture software that is free for teachers and students.

  • To analyze a video from a streaming site such as YouTube or Google, you need an application that converts the video to QuickTime format. There are a lot of free or open source applications that do this. One that seems to work well is MPEG Streamclip and another (which is easier to use) is There is a Firefox add-in called DownloadHelper that will convert movies. Once the movie is in QuickTime format, you can analyze it with Tracker, VideoPoint, Logger Pro or other applications. A web-based tool for downloading YouTube videos is available through ComputerHope

Other Software Titles