Software Available for Video Capture and Editing

Video Capture and Editing Software Titles

  • VideoPoint Capture. Use this to make digital videos with your own camcorder or video camera. Includes basic editing and titling functions. Cost: About $100 to install on a single computer. It may still be avaliable from Pasco or Vernier.

  • Logger //Pro// 3. Logger Pro supports digital video capture from a Firewire or USB equipped video camera, or from a memory card. Cost: About $200 for a site license for you and your students.

  • Coach software is very popular in Europe, but less well known in the USA. It includes data analysis, video capture, perspective correction, and dynamical modeling.

  • To analyze a video from a streaming site such as YouTube or Google, you need an application that converts the video toQuickTime format. There are a lot of free or open source applications that do this. See our YouTube information page.

Primary Author and Contributors

  • Primary Author: Robert Teese
  • Contributor: Pat Cooney


All software items are copyrighted. Most are commercial packages that require you to buy them or pay a license fee.